$1.6 billion and offensive equipment: what Britain gives to Ukraine

$1.6 billion and offensive equipment: what Britain gives Ukraine

“Military equipment designed to help Ukrainian troops hold their ground is no longer enough At the same time, the country also needs offensive military equipment to recapture the occupied land,” Boris Johnson said during the G7 meeting.

One and a half billion for heavy equipment

To do this, Britain will provide Ukraine with a record amount of military aid in the amount of 1.3 billion pounds (1.6 billion dollars). This will dramatically increase aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine fighting the Russian invasion.

According to the UK government, this is the highest level of spending on the conflict since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Putin's brutal attack is not only causes untold destruction in Ukraine” – it also threatens peace and security throughout Europe, said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

These expenses to Ukraine will come from the emergency reserve used by the government.

And Boris Johnson has already discussed with President Volodymyr Zelensky the provision of additional weapons to Ukraine.

“The leaders discussed developments in the war zones and the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including the provision of longer-range weapons to prevent shelling of civilians,” – the statement of the British Prime Minister says.

Ukraine is switching to NATO standards

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has already announced that the UK will provide Kyiv with British Challenger 2 tanks.

– We can no longer rely on the supply of Soviet-era weapons to Ukraine. This is the end of the story. We need a comprehensive transition program from Soviet-era weapons to NATO-standard weapons. We need British tanks to be handed over to Ukraine directly,” Kuleba said.


  • Combat weight – 62.5 tons
  • Crew – 4 man
  • Calibre and brand of gun– 120 mm L30E4
  • Ammunition – 52 rounds
  • Additional armament – two 7.62 mm machine guns L94A1 and L37A2

$1.6 billion and offensive technology: what Britain gives Ukraine

Challenger2 main battle tank of the British offensive forces Photo: Brian Robert Marshall//commons.wikimedia.org

The UK will also send 20 AS90 self-propelled artillery mounts and 45,000 high-explosive shells to Ukraine.


  • crew – 4-5 people
  • combat weight – 45 tons
  • gun – 155 mm howitzer with a barrel length of 39 or 52 caliber
  • rate of fire – 3 rounds in 10 seconds
  • ammo load – 48 rounds
  • armor – hull and turret made of 17 mm steel armor

$1.6 billion and offensive technology: what Britain gives Ukraine

AS-90 is a British self-propelled artillery mount (SPG) of the self-propelled howitzer class. Photo: Andrew Smith//commons.wikimedia.org

The British Army also has a M270B1 multiple launch rocket system in service. It can hit targets up to 70 kilometers away while remaining very accurate thanks to its GPS guidance capability.


  • Mass – 24 , 5 tons
  • Caliber – 227 mm
  • Number of missiles – 12
  • Range shooting – up to 40 km
  • Area of ​​destruction – 25 km
  • Calculation – 3 people
  • Volley time – 48 seconds

$1.6 billion and offensive technology: what Britain gives Ukraine

M270B1 – the area of ​​u200bu200bdestruction after a volley of this installation reaches 25 kilometers. Photo: Cpl Jamie Peters RLC//commons.wikimedia.org

The UK has already sent Stormer self-propelled anti-aircraft guns with Starstreak launchers to Ukraine , which are also in service with the army of the United Kingdom.

  • Stormer is a modern British multi-purpose military vehicle based on the CVR(T) light tank. The basic version of the Stormer is an armored personnel carrier. Stormer Air Defense (top photo) is armed with Starstreak HVM missiles.
  • Starstreak is a British man-portable anti-aircraft missile system designed to destroy low-flying enemy helicopters and aircraft. The length of the rocket is 1.39 m. The mass of the rocket is 14 kg. Range – up to 6 kilometers. The height of the hit targets is up to 5 km.

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