13-year-old suffers serious injuries while trying to mimic a TikTok video

13-year-old suffers serious injuries while trying to mimic a TikTok video


Don’t copy it!

What a horror scenario! The 13-year-old American Destini Crane sees a video on TikTok and wants to do it. Now she is seriously injured with third-degree burns in the intensive care unit, and she can no longer move her right arm. Destini’s mother and sister now want to warn other families.

“Destini stand in Flammen”

The accident happened on May 13th: Destini wanted to use strong alcohol to paint a picture on a mirror in the bathroom of the Cranes and set it on fire – as she must have seen before on TikTok. However, the alcohol exploded in the poorly ventilated bathroom. In an interview with the American television station “ABC News”, the mother Kimberly describes the dramatic scenes: “I was in the living room and was talking to my mother when she suddenly shouted my name.” When she ran into the bathroom, she saw an unimaginable sight: “Everything was on fire. Destini was on fire.” The mother finds her daughter’s cell phone on the floor – opened with the TikTok app and in recording mode.

Mother’s help is too late

Destini’s mother, Kimberly Crane, heard her daughter scream her name from the bathroom and ran to her aid. Everything in the bathroom was on fire.

© facebook/Kimberly Crane

The mother immediately tries to help her child, but the 13-year-old has already suffered severe burns all over her upper body. With an ambulance she comes to the intensive care unit, where she is still lying today. To warn other families about such accidents, the family goes public and shows pictures of Destini in the sickbed. Destini’s sister informs about her condition on Facebook and the donation platform Gofundme. So far, the teenager had to undergo three operations and have skin transplants, and she has not been able to move her right arm. Her doctors expect that she will need several months of medical treatment, including inpatient rehab. (nfi)


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