4-year-old girl found safe on train tracks in the middle of the night

4-year-old girl found safe and sound on train tracks in the middle of the night

The driver of an out of service subway train spotted the child walking on an outdoor stretch track.

Workers from the Toronto Transit Commission found a young girl walking on tracks overnight near Warden Station in Scarborough.

The 4-year-old girl is safe and sound thanks to the vigilance of public transport operators who spotted her around 1:30 a.m. wandering near a 600-volt electrified railway line. /p>

It was the conductor of an out-of-service subway heading for a Greenwood Avenue rail yard in the east end of the city who spotted the child on an outer section between Warden Station and Victoria Park Station, said Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) spokesperson Stuart Green.

Employees responded promptly by stopping the subway train to cut off power to the rail and get the little girl on board safely, Mr. Green added.

Earlier, Toronto police received a call reporting a missing girl. Police say the child in question had wandered off in the past, prompting parents to add barriers to prevent such an incident from happening again.

Once there, Toronto police received another call informing them that the young girl had been found on the train tracks. The police confirmed that they gathered the parents and the girl at the nearby metro station. The incident was not criminal and the child was not injured, police said.

The Toronto Transit Commission says it inspected the fences that protect tracks in the area and viewed security cameras without detecting any apparent breach. The CTT maintains that it does not yet know how the girl was able to access the railway.

The CTT could open an investigation, says spokesperson Mike Detoma.

The incident comes just days after another 4-year-old was killed while on the GO train tracks in Mississauga.

With information from CBC

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