433 new positives and 5 deaths in the bulletin

433 new positives and 5 deaths in the bulletin

433 new positives and 5 deaths in the bulletin

Contagions still high in Calabria. There are 433 new positive cases in the last 24 hours. This is what emerges from the bulletin that also records 5 deaths and 239 recoveries. 3409 swabs made.

To date, 672,656 subjects have been subjected to tests for a total of 719,375 swabs performed (more tests can be performed on the same subject). The people who tested positive for Coronavirus are 54,017 (+433 compared to yesterday), the negative ones 618,639.

The new cases

The confirmed cases today are divided as follows: Cosenza 170, Catanzaro 58, Crotone 47, Vibo Valentia 12, Reggio Calabria 146.

Contagions province by province

Territorially, since the beginning of the epidemic, the positive cases are distributed as follows:

Cosenza: active cases 7,113 (116 in the hospital ward of Cosenza; 36 in the ward at the Rossano hospital; 17 at the Acri hospital; 28 at the Cetraro hospital; 17 in intensive care, 6,897 in home isolation); 10,423 cases closed (10,005 recovered, 418 deaths).

Catanzaro: active cases 2,887 (60 in the ward at the Catanzaro hospital; 10 in the ward at the Lamezia Terme hospital; 22 in the ward at the Mater Domini university hospital; 17 in intensive care; 2.778 in home isolation); 5,130 cases closed (5,020 recovered, 110 deceased).

Crotone: 1,081 active cases (39 in ward; 1042 in home isolation); 3,803 cases closed (3,743 recovered, 60 deceased).

Vibo Valentia: 406 active cases (15 hospitalized, 391 in home isolation); 4237 cases closed (4162 recovered, 75 deaths).

Reggio Calabria: active cases 1,970 (104 in the ward at the Reggio Calabria hospital; 27 in the ward at the Gioia Tauro hospital; 9 in intensive care; 1830 in home isolation); 16,591 cases closed (16,328 recovered, 263 deceased).

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