5-year-old boy from Komarov's film found his mother | PHOTO

5-year-old boy from Komarov's movie found his mother | PHOTO

< p> One of the heroes of Dmitry Komarov's documentary, a 5-year-old boy, found his mother. This was reported by the head of the Lugansk region Serhiy Gaidai.

Komarov met a boy from Rubizhne, Luhansk region, in April in a hospital in Severodonetsk. The child said that his name was Petrovich and that his mother had disappeared, and his father was working.

The boy and his older brother lived alone for a week until they were discovered by the Ukrainian military. They were taken to the hospital.

«We need to get out of here. They are bombing … A rocket hit nearby when my brother and I were sleeping. There was nothing left of the house, only small pieces», — a 5-year-old boy said to a journalist.

The child asked Komarov: «Will you take us to dad?». On February 25, the story of the boy with the continuation was published by Gaidai. According to him, in April there was hell in Rubizhne, the city was partially occupied by the Russians, there were constant battles.

In the 20th of April, the National Guardsmen, patrolling the streets of Rubizhne, found two boys there. There were no adults with them. The soldiers transported the children to the Severodonetsk hospital, they were fed.

Later it was found out that the father was in Poltava, they contacted him and the next day «ambulance» brought children to Poltava region. At that time, the mother was not yet known.

Gaidai noted that a few days later a woman came to the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Rubizhne looking for her children. In early April, the Russians stopped her on the street and sent her to an organized prison in one of the seized administrative buildings of Rubizhne.

«They forced her to scout the positions of Ukrainian defenders by blackmailing children… The woman was beaten and mocked&#8230 ; Then they let her go.
When she returned home, she did not find the children, so she decided to walk to Severodonetsk. On the way, the woman met servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine & # 187;, & # 8212; Gaidai said.

He added that now the family is together.

5-year-old boy from Komarov's film found his mother | PHOTO

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