A Complex Manhunt in Saskatchewan

A Manhunt ;complex man in Saskatchewan

Damien Sanderson is 5'7' tall. He weighs 155 lbs, he has black hair and brown eyes. Myles Sanderson is 6'1' tall and weighs 240 lbs. He also has black hair and brown eyes.

The police looking for Damien and Myles Sanderson are focusing much of their efforts in the Regina area. The two men are believed to be the perpetrators of the series of stabbings that left about 10 dead in the James Smith Cree Nation and in the village of Weldon, Saskatchewan.

Their vehicle was seen Sunday noon in Regina, more than 300 km south of the scene of the shooting.

It is likely that the two men chose to hide in a urban area, where it would be easier for them to go unnoticed than in a rural area, said Pierre-Yves Borduas, retired assistant deputy commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Mr. Borduas explained in an interview with ICI RDI that since the population density is lower in rural areas, they would be more likely to be spotted there.

The police are on a on the alert in Saskatchewan, but also in Manitoba and Alberta, the two bordering provinces.

They are on the lookout for thefts or break-ins, which makes them would make it possible to trace the movement of the two suspects.

Police forces must pay attention to food thefts, gasoline thefts and vehicle thefts to put all the pieces of the puzzle head together to make sure we have as much evidence and evidence as possible to share with the police who are deployed on the ground 24 hours a day to ensure that we have an arrest as quickly as possible, argued Mr. Borduas.

In addition, the analysis of crime scenes is likely to be complex, noted the expert, since there are least a dozen, and potentially as many as 25, to examine.

The suspects may themselves have been injured in these attacks.

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