A family of 8 was shot in occupied Makiivka

A family of 8 was shot in the occupied Makiivka

In temporarily occupied Makeevka, Donetsk region, a family of 8 people was shot, including 4 children. This was reported by «RIA Novosti«.

The occupation authorities claimed that the killers were ordinary robbers and they had allegedly already been caught, but the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petr Andryushchenko, suggests that the murder was the work of &# 171;Wagnerites».

According to «RBC«, according to the so-called «MIA» occupiers, a message about the discovery of the corpses of 8 people, including four minors, on the territory of one of the households, was received by the duty unit at 21:15. It is specified that a Skoda car was stolen from the yard.

According to «TASS«, the youngest of those killed is a one-year-old child. Children aged 7 and 9 also died. The «Interception» plan was announced in the city.

Later, the so-called «Ministry of Internal Affairs» occupiers reported that «in hot pursuit» arrested 3 suspects. It will be reported that they all have a criminal record, and allegedly «confessed that they committed a crime out of mercenary motives, in order to steal a car and valuable property».

In «MIA» occupiers said that the suspects could face «the death penalty» (death penalty – ed.).

According to Andryushchenko, this crime was openly nationalistic in nature, since a Roma family was killed. In addition, all those killed have bullet wounds to the head at close range. Andryushchenko noted that the residents of Makiivka themselves reported that the crime was committed by the military.

He added that he and his team spent almost a night monitoring public sources and working with insiders and can claim that this murder was committed &#171 ;several non-humans in military uniform», but the occupiers will cover up the crime of the Russians, as was the case in Mariupol.

Andryushchenko suggests that such crimes may continue, since Russia recruited «non-humans to the front and criminals, neo-Nazis and other human trash».

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