A film about the life of four young people in a pandemic has been released

A film about the life of four young people in a pandemic has been released

The film’s producer “Vilis Brūveris” was released by the film “One?”, Which documents the daily life of four young people in the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic in different parts of Latvia, searching for answers to everyday and also existential questions.

The movie “One?” free to view atYoutube”.

The film’s director Helēna Zīlīte remarked: “The question” For one? ” is a lifelong and has been relevant at all times, not just under the constraints of Covid-19. Youth issues, problem situations, emotions have always been simple. Interestingly, against the background of a common apocalyptic pandemic, the life of every individual continues to happen. I am grateful to Alice, Greta, Klāvs and Tomas for trusting our creative team. ”

“We all need society. Like the heroes of the film, each of us longs to meet friends, visit and spend time together. We are each so different and yet – very similar in our human needs, ”is the film operator Nauris Zeltins.

“It makes a difference whether you are alone, whether you are alone or whether you are lonely. And I think it’s very important to learn to be alone, but not to feel lonely, “said one of the film’s heroines Alice.

“One?” is a voluntary effort by our creative team to shed light on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on one of the most affected groups in society, young people. Although we did not manage to obtain funding for the film, we felt it was very important to follow the momentum and create this film, ”emphasized the film’s producer Vilis Brūveris.

The movie “One?” created by a creative team of three people – Helena Zīlīte, Nauris Zeltins and Vilis Brūveris.

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