A hiker shoots a bear in Jasper National Park

A hiker shoots a bear in Jasper National Park

A hiker is facing multiple charges for shooting and wounding a black bear in Jasper National Park. (Archives)

Hiker faces multiple charges after shooting a bear in Jasper National Park.

On Saturday August 6, Jasper Dispatch received a call from someone saying his friend had shot a black bear on the Overlander Trail, about 7 miles east of the trailhead. /p>

According to Parks Canada, the hiker used a 20 caliber shotgun to fire two bullets, the first to scare the animal which was 30 meters away. Seeing that the bear was not running away, he fired a second bullet, which would have injured the bear.

The animal descended along the bank of a creek, and the hikers left the area immediately afterwards. Traces of blood were found at the scene of the incident. Park authorities are still searching for the black bear.

The Overlander Trail is still closed on Tuesday, and Parks Canada said more searches are being done before closing it. reopen.

Staff want to make sure the bear is away from the trail and not seriously injured. If the bear is injured, staff may have to put it down, according to Parks Canada. If it is dead, its body could be moved away from the path.

An injured bear can be very aggressive if it gets very close to the trail. a human. Parks Canada says searches will need to be conducted with extreme caution.

Dave Argument, resource conservation manager at Jasper National Park, says the fact that a hiker is walking in the park with a loaded firearm and using it for self-protection is unprecedented.

Statistics on incident rates when encountering with a bear show that the best way to protect yourself is to have a can of bear repellent and know how to use it.

Dave Argument also reminds hikers that they have to walk in groups and make noise during the hike.

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