A millionaire and an ex-policeman will have to serve their prison sentences

A millionaire and an ex-policeman will have to serve their prison sentence

Ken Carter (left) and Steve Walton must begin serving their prison sentences within 48 hours.

A former police officer and wealthy Calgary businessman have been denied an appeal and will face jail for criminally harassing a woman during a custody battle for her child.

In 2012, millionaire Ken Carter paid nearly $1 million to retired police officer Steve Walton and his wife, Heather Walton, who ran an unlicensed private detective business, to tracking and pressuring his ex-wife, Akele Taylor, to force her to hand over custody of their daughter to him.

Steve Walton, 65, and Ken Carter, 71 , were convicted of harassment in 2018. Steve Walton and his wife Heather were also convicted of bribing a police officer.

Steve Walton and Ken Carter were each sentenced to 3 years in prison while Heather Walton was sentenced to 15 months house arrest.

On Thursday, the Alberta Court of Appeal denied the trio's request to overturn their convictions.

Ken Carter, right, hired a private investigation firm to track Akele Taylor for nearly two years in an effort to gain custody of their daughter. He was found guilty of criminal harassment.

At the 2018 trial, Akele Taylor testified that her daughter became so stressed during the period of harassment that she became suicidal.

Other Calgary police officers have also been convicted of various crimes related to the harassment of Akele Taylor and police corruption in this case.

After his conviction, Ken Carter left for Russia, where he spent seven months and missed his sentencing hearing. He told the court that he fell ill in this country and was only finally convicted in 2020.

A third trial also ended earlier this month in which Ken Carter and Steve Walton were acquitted of perjury charges. The pair had been accused of lying under oath about their business relationship during a hearing for Ken Carter in family court in 2014.

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