A new episode of The Grand Tour is approaching, the creators have released the first demo

A new episode of The Grand Tour is approaching, the creators have released the first demo

The special called Lochdown was filmed during a lockdown in Scotland, where the famous trio set off in real American machines.

In recent months, Jeremy Clarkson has been focusing on farmingwhile May you bought new electric cars and Hammond prepared a new show about the restoration of classic cars, yet the well-known trio managed to come together to shoot a new special for the joint motor show The Grand Tour. And the shooting was quite exceptional.

The well-known trio originally planned to go somewhere completely different, but due to the pandemic and the related lockdown, they had to modify themselves and come up with a new program in the British Isles. The new destination eventually became Scotland, which the trio had already visited during the first series and were obviously in favor of it. But this time they took their journey quite differently.


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So far, we don’t have many details about their expedition, but last year, pictures from the shooting appeared on the Internet, for which the trio chose quite unusual cars for European conditions. Clarkson sat behind the wheel of a Lincoln Continental Mark V from the late 1970s, May drove a fourth-generation DeVille Cadillac Coupe, and Hammond chose the Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupe.

From the short trailer, which Amazon placed quite surprisingly on TikTok, we don’t see much of it yet. The scene with the arrival in Scotland is followed by a scene during which May rides on a special floating bridge. But somewhere in the middle he stops and Clarkson enters the scene. Unfortunately, the trailer ends before the plot is unraveled.

The main goal of the new demo will probably be to attract viewers to the new content sharing platform, yet many of us believe that the publication of the classic trailer on YouTube will be just a matter of a few days. The episode itself could then, with a little luck, appear on the Amazon Prime platform in the coming weeks.


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