A new Lord of the Rings movie has been announced

A new Lord of the Rings movie has been announced

The Lord of the Rings is getting another movie soon

If you thought that the numerous announcements as part of the Summer Game Fest were the only special feature of this evening, you are wrong. Because today a new film in the “Lord of the Rings” universe was announced!


The Lord of the Rings: Gollum – First gameplay trailer for the stealth game

A look into the past

The film is entitled “The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim” and takes place long before the popular trilogy about Sauron and the One Ring. To be more precise, it goes back 250 years.

The central character of the plot will be Helm Hammerhand, the king of Rohan and namesake of the famous fortress of the horse people, which is attacked by the Uruk-Hai in “The Two Towers”. However, it is not yet known exactly what it will be about.

Another downer for some fans: It is not a real film, but an animated strip. The Japanese Kenji Kamiyama, who was most recently involved in the anime series Blade Runner: Black Lotus, is responsible for the implementation. Peter Jackson, the director of the film trilogy, should not be involved in the project.

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