A new SPVM squad to fight gun violence

A new SPVM squad to fight armed violence

The SPVM will bring together some sixty police officers who will have the mandate to focus solely on armed violence in Montreal.

Radio-Canada has learned that the senior management of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) announced to its troops on Friday that a project for a new squad entirely dedicated to the fight against armed violence will see the light of day.< /p>

We plan to bring together a mixed team of more than sixty police officers, from the gendarmerie, criminal intelligence and criminal investigations.

< p class="e-p">The objective of the SPVM management would be to deploy the said squad on the ground around September 12.

The handpicked police officers will have the mission of putting the pressure on organized crime and to carry out repression.

To achieve this quickly, certain neighborhood stations will be depleted of their staff, according to an analysis of crime according to the different sectors of Montreal.

Management does not want to dilute the police presence where the needs are most urgent.

The SPVM is of the opinion that the people of Montreal expect a strong response and concrete to curb the shootings that affect the feeling of insecurity.

It's good to send a clear message to criminals. The police will have to be vigilant for slippages, but the population will also have to take a step back before taxing racial profiling agents when they intervene in repression, commented André Durocher, retired inspector at the SPVM .

André Durocher believes that the police will have to be firm to fight organized crime.

Still according to our information, the management's watchword is not to turn the city upside down by increasing repression on the ground.

The objective of the interim director, Sophie Roy, is to reassure the population by demonstrating that the police are not afraid to do their job when it comes to criminals.

To avoid slippages, she asks team supervisors to be present in the field to supervise the patrollers. Ms. Roy would also demand that patrol officers interact even more with citizens to respond to their fears.

The recent interviews granted to the media by the head of the SPVM were perceived positively by the troops.

We are also told that the police would also feel on the ground that the population, often very critical of the police, supports them more in the performance of their duties, including the red-light districts in the north of the city, where several citizens are tired of the gunfire.

By the time the new squad is operational in mid- September, the Eclipse team was reinforced with around 30 additional police officers.

A firearm was reportedly seized during the tour of visibility carried out Thursday, in Greater Montreal.

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