A prisoner recruited by PMC Wagner escaped from the front to return to prison

A prisoner recruited into Wagner PMC escaped from the front to return to prison

Recruited to the terrorist PMC «Wagner» Russian prisoner Igor Matyukhin escaped from the front to go back to prison. The New York Times writes about this.

It is reported that 26-year-old Matyukhin was convicted of theft, embezzlement and numerous thefts. Into the ranks «Wagnerians» he was recruited at the end of November last year. At that time, the leader of the PMC Evgeny Prigozhin flew to the colony in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where Matyukhin was serving his sentence. A few days later, he was already in a training camp near Luhansk.

The man said that in the camp, the recruited prisoners were motivated through fear, threatened with summary executions. One man from Matyukhin's unit was taken away after disobeying the order, and he never returned.

«Wagnerian» escaped from a training camp in the Lushan region during a surprise attack on him by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The clash with the Ukrainian army was a turning point for the mercenary. He told reporters that since then he has been hiding in Russia and trying to return to the colony.

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