A Russian prisoner of war told how he got to the front a week after mobilization | VIDEO

A Russian prisoner of war told how he got to the front a week after mobilization | VIDEO

Russian soldier Yegor Chebotarev, who was taken prisoner in Ukraine, told how he was sent to the front a week after mobilization. He stated this in an interview with blogger Vladimir Zolkin.

According to a resident of Lipetsk, 9 years ago he did military service, where he studied as an infantry fighting vehicle commander, and then he was “simply painted” with the specialty of a gunner-operator. Chebotarev added that in the military unit itself, he mainly worked as a clerk and “I saw the BMP once or twice.”

According to the Russian, the day after the announcement of the mobilization, he was summoned to the personnel department of his company, where they handed the summons.

“I came – there was a woman from the personnel department and two men nearby, of whom I was the first once seen. This woman hands me a summons and says: «Today, come to the military registration and enlistment office. With things. And you understand that from three to five (years — ed.) for failure to appear»”, — recalls the prisoner.

The man hoped that he would not have to fight because of health problems, but there was no medical commission at the military registration and enlistment office. The mobilized were immediately loaded into a bus and sent to a collection point. They were given military clothes and sent to a unit in Boguchary, Voronezh Region.

The next day, the mobilized were distributed to Valuiki, Belgorod Region. Another 30 mobilized were sent here. Of these, 10 BMP crews were formed. After that, the mobilized were instructed to prepare the vehicles overnight, and the next day they went to the city of Svatovo, Luhansk region. From there, the infantry fighting vehicles with the mobilized were sent to one of the villages.

At the position they said that the commander would come in the morning, tell everything, but for now «throw the BMP with branches and sit». The prisoner clarified that it was September 29, and the next morning the battle had already begun. When Chebotarev's crew received the order to open fire, the very first cartridge jammed in the cannon.

“That's it, the BMP has lost its combat capability, if it was at all. She didn't shoot”, — the Russian added.

During the retreat, he lagged behind the other military, wandered alone, drinking water from puddles, until he came across the Ukrainian military, who took him prisoner.

  • On October 4, the first Russian mobilized surrendered through the “I want to live” project.

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