A ship loaded with wheat leaves Ukraine, a first in five months | War in Ukraine

A ship loaded with wheat leaves Ukraine, the first in five months | War in Ukraine

Farmers in the Kyiv region continue to harvest grain from their fields despite the war.

Two new ships loaded with grain left Ukraine on Friday morning, including one loaded with wheat, a first since Ukrainian grain exports resumed earlier this month under the signed agreement on July 22 in Istanbul, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced.

A total of 14 grain-laden ships have left the southern coast of Ukraine in the past two weeks under this agreement signed by Russia and Ukraine under the auspices of the United Nations and Turkey, which provides secure sea corridors from three major ports in Odessa Oblast (administrative region), Odessa City Port, Chernomorsk Port and Yuzhny Port.< /p>

The Sormovsky, which flies the flag of Belize, left the port of Chernomorsk on Friday morning with a cargo of 3,050 tonnes of wheat heading for the Turkish province of Tekirdag, which borders the Sea of Marmara.

This is the first Ukrainian wheat export in more than five months, as the launch of Russian aggression on February 24th quickly brought ports on the Black Sea and the coast to a standstill. Sea of ​​Azov, in the south of Ukraine.

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Before the start of the war, Ukraine and Russia together accounted for around a third of world wheat exports and the United Nations has repeatedly warned in recent months of the risk of an exacerbation of the crisis. world food supply in the wake of the conflict, notably due to the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea.

Ukraine is said to have around 20 million tonnes of wheat in stock remaining from last year's harvest and fruit from this year’s harvest is also estimated at around 20 million tons.

Another ship that left Ukraine on Friday, the Star Laura, which flies the flag of the Marshall Islands, departed from the port of Pivdenny, in the city of Yuzhni, with 60,000 tonnes of corn on board bound for the United States. ;Iran, said the Turkish Defense Ministry.

Despite export recovery, large quantities of wheat are lost during the bombardments in the region of Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

So far, most ships leaving Ukraine under the Istanbul agreement have been loaded with feed grains or destined for use in biofuels.

At this stage, grain exports for the past two weeks were not destined for the countries most weakened by the global food crisis, but Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov announced on Twitter on Thursday that the Ukrainian authorities were ready to load 23,000 tonnes of grain destined for Ethiopia aboard a ship due Friday in a Ukrainian port.

As part of the agreement, UN, Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian personnel from the joint coordination center, based in Istanbul, are responsible for screening ships before they enter Black Sea waters to reach the sea. ;Ukraine, then to inspect the cargoes before they cross the Bosphorus Strait to reach the Sea of ​​Marmara.

The M/V Rojen, carrying tons of grain from Ukraine, arrived in Turkey on August 7.

Four additional ships were allowed to reach the Ukrainian coast after inspection and the Turkish Ministry of Defense said on Thursday that those which had already docked in Ukraine were being loaded.

The departure schedule is not yet known, but Frederick Kenney, acting UN coordinator of the joint coordination center in Istanbul, said on Wednesday expect an increase in transit requests, stating that the target of a monthly volume of Ukrainian grain exports of between two and five million tonnes was achievable.

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