A top Ukrainian drone was sent to Bakhmut

Top Ukrainian drone sent to Bakhmut

Ukrainian intelligence officers in Bakhmuta was sent a top domestic drone Raybird-3. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov.

«The Ukrainian military was reinforced with Raybird-3 (ACS-3) top-end complexes from the Ukrainian company «Skaeton&#187 ;. One was handed over to the scouts in the Bakhmut fortress, the second – to the marines & # 187;, & # 8212; the minister noted.

Fedorov drew attention to the fact that the Raybird-3 (ACS-3) is one of the best drones in the world in its class. So, the complex consists of two unmanned aerial vehicles, a portable ground control station, an antenna system, a launcher, as well as a camera, camera, radar, and the like.

The specified drone is suitable for long-term reconnaissance, as it can fly day and night up to 24 hours and in all weather conditions. In addition, it is resistant to enemy electronic warfare.

Among other things, 9 DJI Matrice M30T quadrocopters were handed over to Ukrainian defenders in Bakhmut.

Top Ukrainian drone sent to Bakhmut

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