A US judge complicates the reimbursement of anti-AIDS drugs

An American judge complicates the reimbursement of anti-AIDS drugs

The magistrate, already opposed to the 'Obamacare' has accepted the employer's request for religious exemption.

A US judge ruled in favor on Wednesday of Christian employers who refuse nuns, to provide their employees with health insurance reimbursing drugs for the prevention of the AIDS virus.

Magistrate Reed O'Connor of a Texas federal court, known for making several rulings hostile to former President Barack Obama's grand medical insurance law, stands ;is attacked on Wednesday to a new aspect of this text dubbed Obamacare.

The law requires private insurers to reimburse certain preventive treatments and leaves it up to the health authorities to define which ones. These included in 2020 the drugs known as PrEP, tablets which prevent the transmission of HIV and are recommended by health authorities, in particular for homosexual men.

Several people and two companies then took legal action to challenge, among other things, the coverage of these drugs, in the name of their religious beliefs. They believe this makes them complicit in homosexual behavior, Judge O'Connor said in his decision.

One of the plaintiffs faces a fine of $ 100 per day in the event of non-compliance with the Obamacare law, continues the magistrate for whom the obligation to reimburse PrEP pills violates the federal law on religious freedoms.

The Democratic administration of President Joe Biden is likely to appeal its judgment, which has been strongly criticized by the leader of the House of Representatives.

This disturbing decision is openly homophobic, Democrat Nancy Pelosi said in a statement, writing it in the wake of the US Supreme Court ruling which in June blasted the right to abortion in the country.

PrEP, for pre-exposure prophylaxis, is routinely recommended for men who have sex with men , to heterosexuals who engage in risky behavior, and to people who use needles to take drugs.

While PrEP is 99% effective, only 23% of people who could benefit from it were using it in 2019.

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