A video appeared on the Web with the alleged “execution of prisoners of war of the Russian Federation.” The OP reacted

A video with an alleged

On Friday, pro-Russian Telegram channels massively published videos of dead Russian soldiers. It is reported by the «Agency. News«.

In the evening of November 18, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation commented on the publication, and the Investigative Committee began an investigation. Russian sources call what is happening on the video “execution” and “execution”.

Pro-Russian Telegram channels publish two videos. At the first stage, the Ukrainian military takes allegedly captured Russians to the courtyard of a private house and forces them to lie on the ground. 10 people come out of the house, they lie on the ground, after which an armed man in dark clothes appears from the building where the Russian military were located and opens fire. This ends the recording. At the end of the video, a wounded Ukrainian soldier is shown, who is called “Andryukha” off-screen and asked about his well-being.

The second video was filmed from a drone. It was published in the Ukrainian Telegram channel “Operational ZSU” on the morning of November 13. As stated in the caption to the video, the dead were victims of a mortar attack. On the video – 12 tel. They lie in the same yard as in the first video: the location of outbuildings in relation to the house coincides. Both there and there are green swings and a toy red car. The position of the bodies and the elements of the equipment also match.

The pro-Russian Telegram channel Rybar wrote that both videos were filmed near the village of Makiivka, Luhansk region. The Ukrainian military administration of the Lugansk region claimed that the settlement came under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the day the video appeared – November 13.

In reports for November 13 and 17, the Russian Ministry of Defense claims that it repels attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Makiivka. The BBC Reality Check team confirmed that the incident caught on video took place on or before Saturday 12 November in the village of Makiivka.

“Rybar” interpreted what happened in the video as follows: “one of the captured Russian servicemen tried to sell his life dearly”, trying to shoot back from the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, wounding a certain “Andryukha”, who is shown at the end of the first video (according to “Rybar” , this is a certain Andrey Sokol). The Ukrainian military allegedly decided to “take revenge on all prisoners of war” and killed them on the spot. “Rybar” even stated that he had allegedly found “probable perpetrators of the murder”: servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, border guards Artur Bortnichuk and Nazar Mikhailovsky.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation called the footage “new video evidence of the massacre of the Ukrainian military over unarmed captured Russians, which confirm the savage essence of the current Kyiv regime.”

The founder of the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), Ruslan Leviev, believes that the video shows not one, but two war crimes, and from both sides. According to Leviev, the soldier in black uniform, who opened fire, violated the norms of international law: he pretended to be ready to surrender, but opened fire. This war crime is called treachery.

The Ukrainian military, in turn, carried out, in his opinion, an extrajudicial execution of the remaining prisoners, which is also a war crime. The fact that Russian soldiers could have been shot is evidenced by traces of blood in the head area of ​​the dead soldiers.

The BBC Reality Check writes about the signs of the same crimes: killing or injuring a combatant who laid down his arms and surrendered is a war crime. However, a false surrender is also contrary to the rules of war.

In an interview with Mark Feigin, the OP's adviser Aleksey Arestovich drew attention to the fact that one of the Russians started shooting, which led to the death of the occupiers. He recalled that provocations during surrender are a war crime.

According to him, according to international law, if a surrenderer behaves aggressively, he loses the rights of a prisoner of war. Therefore, this incident cannot be considered a “shooting of prisoners of war”, and the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not commit a war crime.

“If you decide to surrender, and then suddenly draw your weapon, then you are not a hero, but committing a military a crime contrary to the Geneva Convention. The same applies to other provocations — imitation of surrender or similar things that put the enemy under fire,” Arestovich said. had no desire to surrender.

“Let's imagine that they were taken prisoner by two Ukrainian soldiers – 12 people, and the thirteenth jumps out with a weapon and starts shooting. He may be killed, although this is also unknown until now. And others may start to scatter. What they do when the prisoners run away, they open fire on them. Therefore, the maximum, as it can be read, is the kurtosis of the performer. That is, there is no war crime here. There was no need to run out with a weapon and shoot. Give up – give up, ”Arestovich explained.

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