A woman dies in a fire in Châteauguay

A woman dies during a fire in Châteauguay

A person in their thirties years old was found in cardio-respiratory arrest in a small garage on fire, in Chateauguay.

In Chateauguay, a woman in her thirties died after being found unconscious in a shed engulfed in flames.

Around 7:55 p.m., residents reported a fire on Rue de la Haute-Rivière.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered an unconscious woman inside a disused shed. No other people were at the scene.

The woman was dragged out of the shed while the fire was still raging.

She appeared to be in cardiorespiratory arrest at the time of being transported to the hospital.

Her death was later been verified by a physician.

A security perimeter has been erected around the shed and the neighboring residence.

Firefighters erected a security perimeter on the ground after successfully extinguishing the flames.

Investigators from the Chateauguay Police Department were dispatched to the scene to determine the causes of the fire.

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