Acoustic sensors will be installed in the Kyiv region to detect Russian missiles and drones | PHOTO

Acoustic sensors to be installed in Kyiv region to detect Russian missiles and drones | PHOTOS

Special acoustic sensors will be installed in the Kyiv region to be able to detect Russian drones or missiles. This was announced by the head of the police of the Kyiv region Andriy Nebytov.

According to him, while investigating the events in the Chernobyl zone, law enforcement officers came to the conclusion that it was the Safe Kyiv Region system that allowed the military and self-defense forces to analyze the movement of equipment of the Russian Federation and other information.

Nebytov noted that it was decided at the operational headquarters that this direction should be strengthened.

Acoustic sensors will strengthen the defense of critical infrastructure, which will transmit information to air defense units.

“As for acoustic sensors… It was decided, if possible, to equip critical infrastructure facilities with appropriate sensors that can collect acoustic information and transmit it in a timely manner for response by air defense units,” Nebytov said.

He clarified that this would be able to protect not only critical infrastructure and not only substations constantly shelled by the Russian Federation, but also other objects that would be targeted by strikes.

“These are sensors for additional collection of information that will allow air defense to receive information not only from radars, line 102, but also, for example, in places where there are no people,” the official informed.

According to According to the plan, if the information is transmitted ahead of time, this will allow the military to shoot down a drone or a missile.

According to Nebytov, special video cameras and acoustic sensors will be equipped as part of the development of the Safe Kyiv Region program.

< p> About 77 million hryvnias were allocated for this program, including server equipment, and video cameras, and corresponding sensors. Separately, he specified that during the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, 30% of the equipment of the integrated system «Safe Kyivshchina» — we are talking about video cameras and poles.

In Kyiv region will install acoustic sensors to detect Russian missiles and drones | PHOTO

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