Actress “Women's Quarter” Tatyana Pesik: Every day I wake up with the thought of how happy we were

Women's Quarter actress Tatyana Pesik: Every day I wake up thinking how happy we were

Wherever she appears, she is always interesting watch – either in the comedy series “Tanka and Volodka”, or in the “League of Laughter”, or in the “Women's Quarter”. Now Tatyana Pesik is Paraska of the Russian occupiers. The actress starred in humorous videos for the Bayraktar News program.

We talked with Tatyana Pesik about the image of Baba Paraska, current life and dreams.

I have nothing to complain about, it hurts for people

– Tanya, do you remember our happy life before the war?

– Every day I wake up with the thought of how happy we were, how we dreamed, how we lived. There were so many plans – new projects, filming of the new season of “Women's Quarter” … I was waiting for this. I remember how we went with concerts to those cities in which unbearable pain has now settled: Mariupol, Avdeevka, Severodonetsk … I really want a normal life. She rethought the meaning of everything so much … If someone else had shown us these terrible shots of the present at the beginning of our country's independence, that it could be so, everyone would have appreciated what they had with greater strength.

– Were you happy then?

– Now I understand how happy I was. Although at that moment any trifle seemed to be a problem. The main task now is to have something to eat and drink, refuel gasoline and help our army with everything you can.

I have one dream – Victory. This is now the dream of all Ukraine, you can’t think about anything else when there is a war in your country. The rest of the dreams will appear only after the Victory. Of course, I want to return to the life that was, but it will never be like this again – you need to adapt to the new rhythm. The dream after the Victory is to live in a free, prosperous country.

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At the rehearsals of the “Women's Quarter” with artistic director Alexander Pikalov before the war. Photo:

– What or who today helps you not to lose hope for our happy life, which will certainly be?

< p>– Faith in the president. Vladimir Alexandrovich is the best thing that could happen to our country. I am very proud of him, like the whole country, that he is our president now. Pride that he is with us, with all Ukrainians. How powerfully he conveys the pain of our people to the whole world.

Faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Guys and girls are our superheroes. Thanks to them, I sleep in my bed in pajamas. I have nothing to complain about, it hurts for people who have lost their homes, for human lives, torture and rape.

– It happens that you can’t stand it and covers it?

– Since the first days of the war, I have been stressed and depressed, I confess to you honestly. I try to fight her. Day to day is not the same. Only good news from the front, numbers of enemy losses, some funny stories, memes on social networks can please. We, Ukrainians, have a very strong fighting spirit and a great sense of humor. Humor and good positive films heal me. Well, and the sun in the morning.

I would be a very sad person without humor

– Your grandmother Paraska, in my opinion, this is another of those signs that happy life will be ours. How was she “born”?

– Everyone knows that this is a real woman who fed the invaders with poisoned pies. The authors of the Studio “Kvartal 95” offered to embody such an image for me. I found all the necessary clothes at home and came up with the idea that Baba Paraska should look exactly like this.

– And who writes the texts for Baba Paraska? This is so cool. Very high quality humor.

– These are all the authors of the Kvartal 95 Studio. They come up with this funny text, send it to me, and I adapt it to myself on the set. Sometimes we can come up with something on the shooting itself, and then these jokes remain in the issue of Bayraktar News.

Women's Quarter actress Tatyana Pesik: Every day I wake up thinking how happy we were

– In reviews They say that humor heals. And, as your colleagues from Kvartal say, “we laugh means we don’t give up.” Does humor heal you?

– Now we have a different stage, we say: “We laugh – it means we win.” Humor really adds strength to these difficult times for our country, but you understand that not everyone has a sense of humor. Therefore, you need to be very careful not to offend anyone.

Without humor, I would be a very sad person. In life, off stage, I am very serious. But, fortunately, I have a very cool sense of humor.

By the way, more about humor. You have a photo on Instagram where you are with a bucket of potatoes, and – the caption: “I change the bucket of potatoes for Medvedchuk.” Did you plant a garden? Or did they really exchange for Medvedchuk? Why did he surrender to you?

– The war showed that we are all equal when trouble came to your house. Yes, I planted potatoes this year. I'm not ashamed of it. As for the caption under the photo, I still have such a rather funny look there, I wanted to cheer people up a little. Agree, it would go well into the ground instead of mineral fertilizer.

People's comments were very funny: “Yes, he is spoiled, the earth will not accept him”, “a bucket for him is too much, two or three potatoes are enough.” If the SBU had handed it over to people, I don’t know what they would have done with it… Therefore, humor was just appropriate here.

Women's Quarter actress Tatyana Pesik: Every day I wake up thinking how happy we were

The actress says that this year planted potatoes. Photo:

– What did you personally realize during these days of the war? What has become the main thing now?

– As never before, I appreciate everything that I had before the war. You understand that the most important thing is a peaceful life in the country and that everyone be healthy. I have nothing to complain about – I am at home, my relatives, friends, acquaintances are safe. But I can't say the same about other people, about their homes and families.

The main thing is that the whole country has united and no one is indifferent. Ukrainians help each other. This war forced us to rethink what really makes sense in our lives and discard unimportant things.

Charity is a very sensitive moment

– You are raising funds for the needs of our guys. We all know that charity is a whisper, because from the bottom of our hearts. But still I want to ask – how do you help with your audience and colleagues?

– Charity is a very sensitive moment. If you do not show what you are doing, then you are not helping. And if you show, then you promote…

I am very grateful to everyone who is helping our country now. Help is provided thanks to the not indifferent Ukrainians, who are sometimes ready to give even the last. Yes, we, together with the VIP-Ternopil team, also help.

Thanks to our audience in various social networks, we managed to collect and transfer about 200 bulletproof vests, helmets, drones, thermal imagers, clothes, two ambulances to the front line guys . Well, 18 cars. I am very grateful to everyone, without you it would not be possible.

Women's Quarter

On the set of the series “Tanka and Volodka” with Taras Stadnitsky. Now he, Taras and other members of the VIP-Ternopil team are collecting everything that is necessary for our Armed Forces. Photo:

– You wrote that there are not enough words to say all the words of gratitude to our Armed Forces of Ukraine. What do you say to them when you meet?

– In fact, they want to say words of gratitude all the time. This is the best support for them. And also help to provide them with what they need, so they feel that they are not forgotten and constantly thought about. Children's drawings and letters also give their effect, from which goosebumps. No matter how strong a man you are, you will still let a tear go.

– Baba Paraska has a recipe for our Victory over the occupiers – cakes with a surprise. And what is Tetyana Pesik's recipe for Victory over the invaders?

-Faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, faith in God, prayer, faith in Ukraine. Good always triumphs over evil.

And in order for this Victory Day to come sooner, you need to wake up every morning with gratitude to those guys and girls who do everything so that we can see a new day.

– What will our Victory Day be like? What will you do on this day?

– I think that the country will shamelessly drink, even those who have never drunk. And probably not even one day, but a couple of days. I will cry and scream with happiness, thank all our defenders, kiss and hug. And I really want this day to come as soon as possible.

 Actress of

Tanya admits that on Victory Day she will cry and scream with happiness. Photo:

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