After rocket attacks, Ukrenergo declared an emergency: what does it mean

After rocket attacks, Ukrenergo declared an emergency: what does it mean< /p>

As a result of massive rocket attacks by the Russian Federation on the electric power infrastructure of Ukraine, more than 50% of the consumption of the country's unified energy system was lost. This is reported by «Ukrenergo«.

The company explained that this means the onset of a systemic emergency mode.

«At the same time, in accordance with the Market Rules (Section 9, paragraph 9.1.2), we inform about the occurrence of an emergency situation, starting from the billing period from 09:00 on 12/16/2022», — the statement says.

In a comment to «Babel» Director «Center for Energy Research» Oleksandr Kharchenko explained the statement of «Ukrenergo».

«This means that due to damage to substations and generating capacities, there is no technical possibility to provide electricity to more than 50% of the country's consumers ( including critical infrastructure). That is, it is impossible to either generate more energy or transport it», — he said.

  • December 16, Russia launched another massive missile attack on Ukraine. In total, more than 60 missiles were fired.
  • The Air Force told which missiles Russia used.

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