AFU destroyed the deputy chief of staff of the 76th division of the invaders Nikulin

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed Nikulin, Deputy Chief of Staff of the 76th Occupation Division

< p class="news-text__announce">Deputy Chief of Staff of the 76th Airborne Assault Division of the RF Troops Sergey Nikulin was liquidated in Ukraine. This is reported by the Russian edition «Pskov province».

It is alleged that the deputy head of the 76th airborne assault division of the Russian troops, Sergei Nikulin, has been fighting against Ukraine since the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

Before liquidation in Ukraine, Nikulin fought in Syria and Chechnya.

A message about the liquidation of the Russian occupier also appeared in the group of the division. Nikulin passed away on October 11.

  • AFU soldiers eliminated a lieutenant colonel of the Russian Federation, who led a convoy of airborne BMD-4Ms at a parade in Moscow.

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