Air defense forces shot down 20 missiles. There is a hit in the infrastructure of Lviv

Air defenses shot down 20 missiles. There is a hit in Lviv's infrastructure

< p>Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 20 Russian missiles during the rocket attack of the invaders on October 11. This was reported by the press center of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Telegram.

«In the second wave of the attack from 9.30 to 13.00 on October 11 (according to preliminary data), another 14 cruise missiles of the invaders were destroyed units of anti-aircraft missile forces, fighter aircraft and mobile fire groups of MANPADS & # 187;, & # 8212; The report says.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, on the air of the unified national telethon on Tuesday, said that several missiles were shot down on approach to Kyiv.

«There were no explosions in the capital of Ukraine. Therefore, I can say that today started normally, without any incidents», — he said.

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy said that as a result of today's missile attack, 30% of the city is temporarily without electricity.

Also, water supply disruptions in Sykhiv and Frankivsky districts cities.

Update. Later, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that a total of 20 enemy cruise missiles were shot down, as well as 13 «Shahed-136» drones.

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