Air defense forces shot down 32 “Shahed” over the capital at night under the cries of the people of Kiev “Putin – x ** lo” | VIDEO

Air defense forces shot down 32 Shahedas over the capital at night to the cries of the people of Kiev

As a result of a Russian attack by drones on the night of January 1, there is damage to an infrastructure facility in the Kyiv region. This was announced by the head of the region Alexei Kuleba.

«At night, the Kyiv region repulsed the attack by shaheed drones. The terrorist country was aiming at energy infrastructure facilities. Nearly three dozen drones were launched across the region & # 187;, & # 8212; the message says.

Kuleba noted that there was damage to the infrastructure facility, but there were no injuries among the people. KSCA clarified that 32 air targets were detected in the Kyiv region and all 32 were destroyed.

Water and heat supply of the capital is operating normally.

Journalist Andriy Tsapliyenko published a video of the people of Kiev reacting to Russian aggression. On New Year's Eve, residents of the capital shouted «Glory to Ukraine!» and «Putin — x**lo».

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