Air force: Russia dispersed aircraft after explosions at airfields

Air Force: Russia dispersed aircraft after airfield explosions

Russian Air Force redeployed and dispersed strategic long-range aviation after explosions at Russian airfields on December 5th. Yuriy Ignat, press secretary of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stated this on the air of the telethon.

According to him, after the explosions at the airfields, the Russian invaders expanded their strategic long-range aviation wherever possible, where it can be serviced, where there are appropriate takeoff – landing strips that they can use.

At the same time, Ignat stressed that ordinary Russians inside the country, who had previously stated that the war against Ukraine did not concern them, felt the consequences of Russian aggression.

  • Satellite images show that from the Russian military airbase «Dyagilevo» up to 10 Tu-22m bombers disappeared in the Ryazan region after explosions at Russian airfields on December 5.

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