Air Force: The number of liquidated Russian military in February increased five times

Air Force: Number of liquidated Russian military increased fivefold in February

The number of confirmed Russian war dead in Ukraine has risen sharply since early February. This is reported by the Air Force Russian service.

Journalists claim that over the past 14 days the number of confirmed casualties has exceeded five times the usual weekly figures, which may indicate an offensive that Russia launched on Donbass.

«Confirmed losses have been growing significantly since mid-December. Throughout 2022, Russian sources typically reported about 250-300 dead on a weekly basis. In January, these figures doubled»,— the material says.

It is specified that in just two weeks of February, journalists from the BBC and «Mediazones» Together with a team of volunteers, 1,679 people were confirmed dead, five times the usual weekly number. This is the largest increase in the losses of the invaders during the entire invasion of Ukraine.

«We are talking only about the data that we manage to find and verify from open sources , that is, the real number of losses is, of course, even more», — the material says.

The publication indicates that from open sources it is known about the death of 1121 mobilized Russians, 40% of whom died since January 1.

  • According to The Times, every 90 meters of Ukrainian land goes to Russia at the cost of losing about 2,000 invaders.

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