Alan Badoev no longer shoots videos: I don’t understand why this should be done

Alan Badoev no longer makes videos: I don't understand why do this

Ukrainian director Alan Badoev admitted that after the start of the Russian war in Ukraine, he rethought his work and stopped making videos. He spoke about this on June 17 in an interview with Masha Efrosinina.

– I need to “raise” a person, give him thoughts, give him happiness, faith that he is the most incredible, beautiful. It should be like this. And now I can’t do it, because I don’t understand why I should do it. This is not important, but something else is important. I just realized that today, and maybe forever, [I retired from clip-making]. You see, Max Barsky has no clips, although we release songs. Because he will twist it at his temple and say “Fuck I need him”, and I still can’t go to the set, – the director shared.

In the near future, the director plans to focus on helping country and Ukrainians. Earlier, Badoev presented a teaser for the Dovga Doba project – a documentary film that will tell about the events of the war unleashed by the Russian Federation through the eyes of the Ukrainians themselves.

– Now I want to spend myself on something that right here and now will help and work for the goal. Our military has one cartridge that they release, and it can kill one enemy. What you and I own and what we should use to the maximum – we can cover a large density of people. This is our task. You've been doing it since day one, but you know your voice is like a grenade. And I want to do something that will work for the same mass and convey what we need. And that's why I say on my Instagram: “Remember that you are unique and find a challenge for today.” It is very important. We can greatly help our country, help ourselves, – Alan specified.

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Alan Badoev stopped working with Russian artists. The director also regrets that he unconsciously “erased the borders” between the Russian Federation and Ukraine with his work, which could not be done.

Alan Badoev doesn't make videos anymore: I don't understand why do this

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