Alan Badoev showed a video from his personal archive in a teaser for a documentary about the war

Alan Badoev showed a video from his personal archive in a teaser for a documentary about the war

Director Alan Badoev presented a teaser for the Dovga Doba project, which will tell about the events of the Russian war in Ukraine through the eyes of the Ukrainians themselves. On the air of “Snidanka z 1 + 1” Badoev showed a video from his personal phone, the happiest moments of his life, as well as eerie footage of the first explosions, burning buildings and enemy equipment, filmed on the phones of other Ukrainians. The clipmaker also invited the audience to become co-authors of the film and announced the collection of materials for the documentary.

– The day before the war, February 23, I was in Kyiv. I took off my new project and was very happy about it. Before going to bed, I called my daughter Lola, and when I fell asleep, I felt very happy. The next day, February 24, Russia attacked Ukrainian cities with rockets and bombs. In that moment, my life changed forever, and I know your lives will too. Each of us has our own personal history of the war. Please send us your video diaries and video facts of the war. Share your stories, experiences and feelings so that together we can tell the world the whole truth about the war in Ukraine. It is important to make sure that no one has any chance to pervert this truth, Alan shared.

To become a co-author of the documentary “Dovga doba”, you need to fill out an application and send video materials without editing, on which your families are recorded on the last peaceful and happy day before the start of the war. Videos that show your family on the first day of the war – February 24: the first bombs, your first reaction, your notes during the first day, the first night, conversations. If you have kept a video diary of events: the following bombardments, shelters, overnight stays, your reflections and comments on events, conversations with your family while in shelters, everything that can be important is every detail and your opinion.

What is the film about

The film “Dovga Doba”, which will be created jointly with the TV channel “1 + 1″, will tell about the painful events of the war that Russia unleashed against Ukraine. Alan Badoev will show the chronicle of the war through the eyes of Ukrainians in art form, will reproduce events through personal stories. jpg” alt=”Alan Badoev showed a video from his personal archive in a teaser for a documentary about the war” />

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