Aleksandra Szwed finally revealed the gender of her second child. The photo is touching!

Aleksandra Szwed finally revealed the gender of her second child. The photo is touching!

When she publicly announced that she was pregnant for the second time, no one wanted to believe her. All by … a date!

Aleksandra Szwed (Look!) boasted about a rounded belly on April 1, which is Prima Aprillis.

However, it quickly turned out that it was not a joke and the actress would actually become a mother for the second time.

On her Instagram profile, she showed a round tummy several times, and on July 3, she informed that the toddler is already in the world.

She also showed the moment her son visits her at the hospital to meet his siblings. It was so moving that the meeting took place … through the window, and all this due to sanitary restrictions and the inability to visit the hospital.

Interestingly, Aleksandra Szwed did not reveal the child’s gender for a moment.

While in the case of her first consolation, she did not hide from the beginning that she had given birth to a son and even betrayed her name, this time, for reasons known only to herself, she was silent as a charm.

Until now!

The star of “Foster Family” published a photo of her partner, who is holding their second child in his arms, and with this shot it dispelled all doubts.

As the child is wearing a dress, it became clear that Aleksandra Szwed and her partner Krzysztof had a daughter.

“Ola, with this photo you can dispel any doubts that Dzidzia is not Gucio after all” – wrote one of the female fans.

The girl’s name remains a mystery for the time being.

The couple is currently staying with their kids at the seaside and that’s where the shot with their little daughter was taken.

Picture-perfect family!


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