Alena’s horoscope: Aries should not argue, Taurus should find a compromise

Alena’s horoscope: Aries should not argue, Taurus should find a compromise


Your reluctance to understand your partners, irritability and aggression are necessarily reasons for your colleagues to respond to you with aggressive behavior. You are conflicted and tense in the workplace. It is better to remain silent and not argue sharply and aggressively, if you want no consequences to your detriment and because of the still retrograde motion of Mercury. Dating in a romantic setting is not a reason to immediately make plans for a future together, because you have not met the right partner. For family members of the sign, infidelity is a cause of problems in the family. They do not believe your feelings and are not ready for sex.


You will face many problems in dealing with people in your business environment. If you do not find a compromise and do not change your behavior, the problem will be exacerbated to the extreme, prompted by retrograde Mercury. The day is unfavorable for business conversations and meetings at work, even if you have arranged them some time ago. You will not be able to judge what kind of people are standing in front of you and in your delusion that you are in love, you will let them near you. The frustrations of hasty sexual intercourse will not be late. You will feel betrayed, so it is better to avoid intimate moments.


You have been tense since the morning and the relationships with the people around you are problematic because of the still retrograde motion of Mercury. Only in the afternoon you relax and your mood will improve. You are active and responsible in the workplace. Unfortunately, you are still set up for constant criticism of your colleagues for good and bad and you are making enemies. Expect a romantic adventure. Many will find new friends who may be their companions in life. Do not expect romantic moments with your intimate partner and sexual pleasures if you are late and drunk.


Bad news will make you angry and ruin your whole day, and Mercury is retrograde. Don’t get carried away, because with aggression and aggressive behavior you will not change anything. Listen to the advice of your loved ones and you will see that what is happening is fixable. At work, you run the risk of making irreparable mistakes. It is up to you to be more responsible for your responsibilities. The tension during the day will affect your relationships in the family and with your loved ones. You risk moving them away from you. Try to spend more time with your loved ones in the evening and create unforgettable and pleasant sexual pleasures to get closer again.


You want to be loved and respected and everyone around you to fulfill your desires, but this leads to their hostility if you bother too much with your claims. Your job is disputed if you gave up traveling because of Mercury’s retrograde motion and stayed at work. It is better not to overdo the load. In the evening, expect problems in the family or with loved ones. Do not be capricious and do not show a lack of willingness to listen to them. Sexual intercourse should be mutual, not forcibly requested by you. You better put them off.


Do not make acquaintances, because they will not be successful. Be careful in relationships with relatives and acquaintances. The situation in the workplace can be exacerbated. The reluctance to understand your colleagues leads to quarrels for which it is entirely your fault. Don’t look for excuses, especially since you don’t follow the command of retrograde Mercury. Do not break your feelings through your material aspirations, because you will offend and distance your intimate partners. If sexual pleasure is for the purpose of getting something, accept that sex with your partner, even if you are married, is for the last time, and separation is knocking on the door.


In the workplace, be tactful and do not create occasions for scandals in retrograde Mercury. Be fair to your colleagues who are not to blame for your relationship at home. You feel a strong desire to meet old friends and acquaintances and resume a broken love affair. You will create problems. Emotion prevents you from being kind and showing your feelings without impulsiveness and aggression. You risk repelling your loved ones. Your desire to put your intimate partner in bed to prove how sexy you are is to your detriment.


If you have a job related to your professional duties, reject it by noon. Don’t give loans, retrograde Mercury forbids this. Whatever happens at your workplace, stay calm and stay in a good mood. You feel best among your loved ones and adore the comfort of your home, but you also have tasks that do not allow you to stay at home all day. An unexpected quarrel in your family will turn into an exchange of mutual insults. It is natural for your feelings to cool down. Don’t expect to get along in bed, as is often the case in your family. You better give up sex.


The day is tense because of a meeting you don’t want to have, but Mercury is retrograde and you’re hurting yourself. Do not allow financial losses and do not show stubbornness. Work moderately until noon to avoid mistakes caused by your distraction. In the afternoon, think about your new projects and get rich with new information. Emotional outbursts, scandals with a loved one and a breakdown in a relationship are not excluded. It is up to you to avoid them. Your sex life does not satisfy you because you feel neglected and rarely indulge in intimate moments because of the unreasonable insult smoldering in you.


Stress awaits you because your relationship in the workplace is being tested because of retrograde Mercury. However, you do an excellent job and take on the necessary responsibilities. You will achieve a lot, even if you have to work late at night, but only if you arm yourself with patience. Forget about your desire to take your intimate partner to a restaurant, and then surprise him with a marriage proposal. Your sexual relationship requires you to change your behavior and comply with the desires of your partner in bed.


Judge which of your acquaintances you should not allow more to yourself, because it hurts you. Remember that you tend to trust dishonest people, driven by retrograde mercury, just because you like them. Beware of theft on a business trip. Do not leave your documents and money to random people. In the evening you will enjoy a romantic date. The interference of your friends in your personal relationships will lead to separation from your intimate partner, if you allow this. You do not need to share everything about your sex life with your neighbors, which will ruin the relationship with your spouse.


If you have to reject professional duties, work calmly and do not create tension among your colleagues. You will irritate the situation to a scandal that you can not avoid because of the retrograde Mercury. For most of the day, if possible, do not allow people without your appointments and do not burden yourself with other people’s problems. New love relationships will bring you nothing but disappointments. Tidy up your home. Don’t be angry if your loved ones are capricious and unwilling to respond to your offer of sexual pleasure.


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