Alena’s horoscope: Risky ventures are unsuccessful for Sagittarius, Capricorns to beware of intrigue

Alena’s horoscope: Risky ventures are unsuccessful for Sagittarius, Capricorns to beware of intrigue


Be careful on your day off and analyze your actions, complete the backlog. Financial losses are possible because of your mistakes caused by overconfidence, which is typical for you, and then you suffer but do not admit your guilt. Don’t get into pointless arguments. Expect difficulties in meetings and conversations. You lack enough positive emotions in your personal life. You have affected your intimate partner. If you do not change your attitude towards your loved ones, you risk losing your sexual pleasures with them forever, no matter how much you love them.


Caution is required at your workplace on the weekend. Mistakes are possible that will be difficult to correct and you will blame everyone else, but not yourself. Your work is controversial, but your endeavors are doomed to failure. It is better not to hurry, look carefully and realize the reason for your mistakes. Before drawing conclusions about your personal relationship, strike a balance between your feelings and your thoughts and answer yourself if you are really in love. You are reluctant to indulge in sexual pleasures, but you should not do so if you are insecure and conflicted.


The day is not only restful, but critical, not only because you are in the power of emotion, but also because it is difficult to judge your new acquaintances. Don’t take any chances. Consider the best options to improve your financial situation. You will receive a travel offer. Discuss with your colleagues business expansion and new overseas meetings. There will be chaos in your personal relationships because you will lose track of your desires. You scared your intimate partner with your aggression in bed. Do not expect harmony in intimate relationships.


The ideas you consider not only on the weekend, but also during the past week, may soon bring you the expected results, if you are reasonable and do not act contrary to the requirements of society. You are able to improve your social situation. Unresolved issues related to your business relationship and the intention to develop additional business hinder you. Do not accept your love as reality, because you will turn events to your detriment. Do not abuse the patience of your intimate partner, who is not sure of your feelings and has no desire for sexual pleasures.


Organize business meetings, even though the day is a day off, and don’t forget to listen to the other party’s opinion and not challenge it during the first introductory conversation. The day is not good for concluding contracts. Your peace of mind and patience are a guarantee of success. Don’t be too extravagant if you have to organize a business or personal lunch. Women should expect a new acquaintance or meeting, which will unfortunately leave them with the memory of disappointments and regret for vain hopes. You have no reason to doubt the feelings of your intimate partner, so indulge in sexual pleasures.


You are ready to embark on another risky venture, even though the day is a day off. If you decide to be in a hurry, you risk instead of success, and cause your complete collapse. Your personal problems are a reason to be distracted, so pay attention to your workplace. Beware of dating, especially personal, just because you have decided to take revenge. Peace of mind in your home is a guarantee for a normal relationship with your intimate partner. Don’t get angry if you miss the sexual moments. The reason is in you too.


It is to your advantage to work hard even though the day is a day off. You have enough strength to reject your official tasks. Do not succumb to outside influence, which may force you to invest in losing projects in a few days, but you will realize it later. You have to admit that your success is also due to the help provided by your colleagues. Do not expect harmony and forgiveness from intimate partners who are nervous about your behavior. Your sexual relations are harmonious.


At work in the morning you deal with routine and not very pleasant duties, but it is good to finish them on your day off. Do not show aggression. Success is possible in the late afternoon if you stay calm and not get angry. Protect yourself from financial losses. Problems in business relations are not excluded. Family problems are exacerbated by your reluctance to talk to your loved ones. Do not take your loved ones away from you. Strong feelings and harmonious sexual relations are important to you.


From the morning on the weekend do not show high activity at work. All risky and not only ventures are unsuccessful. It is not desirable to travel because you are distracted and will get into trouble. Keep track of all the details in your workplace so you don’t miss anything important. The unmarried will have a pleasant meeting and a romantic passion. Stay with your loved ones in the evening. For families who are not sure that their sex life is active enough, I recommend that they consider whether they are with the right partner.


Don’t get involved in financial investment talks this weekend. In the afternoon, beware of intrigues that aim to discredit you. Do not give in to side advice that will confuse your plans and fail you. Beware of borrowing, because you will have difficulty repaying them. Beware of problems in personal relationships. Luck is with you if you arm yourself with patience. You have decided that you are cramped in a chair, but infidelity and sexual pleasures will cause you problems if you are engaged in marriage or a serious relationship.


You have the strength to deal with the difficulties along the way, even though the day is a day off. Work calmly and confidently. If you decide to travel, carry out your intentions in the afternoon or evening so as not to waste your day. Your professional plans can suddenly change completely and cause you problems. In personal life, the changes will be both positive for the unmarried and unfavorable for the married. Do not abuse the patience of your loved ones, even if you have decided to separate from your spouse. Do not expect sexual moments.


Beware of self-delusion, which is the reason you are trusting and generous, but without receiving recognition and gratitude, despite your work on the weekend. Avoid losses caused by your own actions. You are depressed in the afternoon. Do not drive, as car accidents are possible. Working with people you don’t like gets on your nerves. Be careful with new business acquaintances. Everything you dream of is in your hands. Stability in family relationships depends only on you. Do not neglect sexual pleasures because of your bad mood.


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