Alexandru Rafila explained how a new pandemic wave could appear: ‘We must not be paranoid’ – News by sources

Alexandru Rafila explained how a new pandemic wave could appear: ‘We must not be paranoid’ – News by sources

Romania’s representative to the WHO, Alexandru Rafila, claims that our country was fortunately protected from the exotic variants of Sars-Cov-2, such as the Indian version. He draws attention to the danger to which the population is exposed at these times, when fewer and fewer people are vaccinated and the population shows signs of relaxation.

“At 130-150 cases a day, we are no longer in the situation of a community transmission of the infection in Romania. And if these numbers are underestimated three times, 500 infections a day nationwide does not mean a community transmission, it is a sporadic transmission. What we need to understand is the following: mutant variants circulated less in Romania, except for the British variant. But if slowly, very slowly, at first, a variant with a higher transmissibility begins to appear – for example with the Indian variant which has about 40% faster transmissibility than the classic variant – then we can see at some point that Community transmission reappears. Of course, we must not become paranoid, but that does not mean that we are not responsible for continuing to advocate for vaccination, on the one hand, to do it in time, on the other hand, because the rural environment is still not vaccinated. it is the reality “, Alexandru Rafila stated on Sunday evening, in a show on Digi 24.

He noted that it is important to communicate and involve local authorities so that interest in vaccination increases in rural areas.

“If in the autumn there will be signs of resumption of community transmission and an increase in the number of cases, then certainly, if the land is ready, there will be a greater influx, perhaps in the second half of summer or early autumn. Summer is over now and I think those who want to travel have been vaccinated or will be vaccinated in the next period, the rest of the population, which is sedentary, will do so when there are signs that this pandemic could break out again. in our country “, added the doctor.

He also referred to those who ignore the fact that the disease still exists: “We have a systematic problem in Romania, we only think about ourselves; when we come to think of those with whom we interact, of the community in which we live and work, then we will be able to take the step, to be responsible not only for ourselves, but also for the community ”.

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