Alexey Sukhanov told what he did with his Russian passport

Aleksey Sukhanov told what he did with his Russian passport

The host of the “Speak Ukraine” program Alexei Sukhanov admitted what he did with his Russian passport after became a citizen of Ukraine. In an interview with Slava+ on May 1, the journalist said that he would gladly get rid of him, but for now he is waiting for the time when he can re-register the property in Jurmala, which is recorded on a Russian document.

– I wanted to burn it first. .. but I didn’t burn it,” Sukhanov shared. – I have two Russian passports, wrapped in paper and put. Why? Because my apartment in Jurmala is registered on a Russian passport. Only this is now holding me back from either throwing it away, or writing “Putin *** lo” there and sending it by letter to the Russian embassy or the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Aleksey added that since the beginning of the war, acquaintances have offered him take the opportunity to leave Ukraine with a Russian passport, but he did not listen to them.

– One friend called me and asked: “Why don't you leave?” And how can I leave, I don’t see the point of leaving at all. I live here, I work. This is my home, where I will go. I just hung up, – the TV presenter specified.

The TV presenter applied for Ukrainian citizenship back in 2014, but he was able to fulfill his dream only eight years later, in January 2022.

Alexey Sukhanov is 48 years old. He graduated from the Moscow State University of Commerce. He worked as a presenter on the Russian TV channels Dozhd, TV3, REN TV. Since April 2012, she has been hosting the Talk Ukraine talk show.

Alexey Sukhanov told what he did with his Russian passport

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