Alix (Koh-Lanta) shows off her buttocks: criticized, the adventurer replies and it’s funny

The “Koh-Lanta 2020” contestant faced criticism after posting a photo on Instagram on December 13. Very quickly, Alix replied on social networks.
The page Koh-Lanta 2020 (TF1) is definitely turned for Alix . On December 4, Channel 1 broadcast the grand final, won by Alexandra . From now on, adventurers are therefore opening a new chapter in their lives by resuming their daily lives. But some can not help but go on an adventure, like the young woman.

Laurent Ournac makes fun of his wife: she replies by revealing … her buttocks
The 28-year-old Aubagne firefighter has indeed flown to Guadeloupeat the beginning of the month. And she is not alone! His friend from the adventure Mathieu (31 years old) is by his side to discover this beautiful island, enough to give rise to rumors of a couple . Unsurprisingly, the happy duo share paradisiacal photos and one of them has made Internet users talk a lot.

On December 13, Alix posed from behind in a swimming pool watching a sunset, highlighting her posterior . ” Sunset in paradise “, she wrote in the caption. A photo that his fans did not expect. ” Finally you end up like all those in reality TV. None “, ” If you already come to that … The doors of reality TV open wide their arms “, ” Not you Alix “, can we read among the comments.

Not the type to let it go, Alix quickly replied. ” I am outraged by so much bullshit . For those who are outraged by my photo, it is better not that we cross on the beach then, because on the beach, I am in a bathing suit too, so it might pose problem for ‘vulgarity ‘, ”she wrote in the story. And on Twitter, the sporty blonde beauty posted a low selfie and commented: ” Following my last Instagram post now, I’m only going to post selfies like this on my feed. ”

Commenting on her photo, Alix also replied to one of her detractors that she was free to do what she wanted and that she could refuse certain proposals that might not suit her. She was then able to resume her stay with Mathieu as if nothing had happened.

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