“All x…in”: Russian officer spoke about the situation in Soledar | VIDEO

«All x…vo»: A Russian officer spoke about the situation in Soledar | VIDEO

Ukrainian blogger Edgar Myrotvorets, who talks to strangers in chatroulette (a service that allows you to communicate via video call with random people), published an excerpt from the stream in the afternoon of January 16, in which he talks to a man who introduces himself as Russian military officer with the rank of captain. Russian «Agency» found out that the man in the video is indeed a Russian security official from Saratov.

During a conversation with a blogger, the Russian said that he was fighting in the city of Soledar, Donetsk region. The blogger asked if the Russian occupying troops managed to capture the city, to which he received the following answer: «Soledar was taken, but everything is good…in». Later, the blogger asks him again if the city was taken, and the military man answers already in the negative: «Nih..I».

Among other things, the man said that as a result of night «put» 500 people from Saratov. He also added that he studied in Saratov at the Dzerzhinsky military school.

«Agency» found out that the video is Anton Bowes from Saratov. On his pages in social networks, the Saratov Military Institute of the National Guard was indicated as the place of study. It is possible that he was sent to the front as part of «partial mobilization».

During a conversation with a Ukrainian blogger, Bowes called «meat» fighters of the terrorist PMC «Wagner», who are fighting in Ukraine. He does not agree that «Wagnerians» are heroes, and notes that people without documents are recruited there, and professionals in PMCs work on the basis of a structure in Molkino in the Krasnodar Territory.

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