Allison Mack (Smallville): The actress, lover of guru Keith Raniere, divorces … his wife!

New appointment with justice for Allison Mack, the ex-Hollywood starlet tried in a sordid case of sect and sex slaves. But, this time, there is no question of her involvement in the organization led by her ex-lover Keith Raniere, since we learn that she is divorcing. She was married to a certain Nicki Clyne.
More than ever, Allison Mack is an enigmatic character. The former actress, a true Girl Next Door of America, who would have been given the good Lord without confession during her participation in the Smallville series , never ceases to amaze with her personal life. In addition to a long romantic relationship with Keith Raniere , the guru and founder of the NXIVM sect , we now learn that she was also married to a woman. But she files for divorce.

As reported by the TMZ site , Allison Mack filed an official divorce petition on Friday, December 11, 2020 with the Orange County, California court. This was revealed by her role as Chloe Sullivan in the series Smallville in the side including Kristin Kreuk , was married to a certain Nicki Clyne in 2017 . Aged 37, she is also an actress. Canadian by origin, she has played in the series Dark Angel , Smallville , Battlestar Galactica , The L World and Dead Like Me…. The two women weren’t really lovers since it was an arrangement so that Nicki Clyne could continue to live in the United States. The latter, although never questioned by justice, has displayed its public support for Keith Raniere and maintains a troubled link with the NXIVM sect.

As a reminder, Allison Mack pleaded guilty to only two counts – out of seven – in the vast legal case, in which she is implicated. The 38-year-old former star, wearing an electronic bracelet, risks up to forty years in prison: twenty years for the head of a criminal association and twenty years for that of extortion. Allison Mack, who had been released on $ 5 million bail, is notably accused of having been Keith Raniere’s right-hand man in the NXIVM sect and of having been the head of another branch, said DOS, whose mission was to recruit women to make them sex slaves.

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