“Allow a doctor to see him”

“Allow a doctor to visit my father.” This is the appeal made to the Russian authorities by Dasha Navalnaya, the daughter of Aleksey Navalny, detained in the Ik-2 prison in the Vladimir region. Yesterday the spokeswoman for the Russian dissident Kira Yarmish said that Navalny “is dying. In the condition in which it is found, it is a matter of days”.

According to a letter written to the Federal Penitentiary Service by her doctor Anastasia Vasilyeva, along with three colleagues including a cardiologist, Navalny is at risk of cardiac arrest and severe kidney function problems “at all times” since she has an excessive concentration of potassium in her blood. (7.1 millimoles per liter, when the maximum threshold is 6). Doctors ask to be able to see the opponent immediately, who must be examined immediately, “given the results of his blood tests and his recent poisoning”.

EVENT – “There is no more time, now is the time to act, we are no longer talking about Navalny’s freedom, but about his life. Now they are killing him in prison and we cannot wait any longer”. Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s right-hand man, on Facebook invites the Russians to demonstrate next Wednesday, April 21, they take to the streets at 7pm local time. “Call all your friends and go to the central square” of your city “, continues the appeal.

“There are circumstances in which we must act quickly, otherwise the damage will be irreparable”, continues the Navalny team, which received 475,000 participants in the event. He initially said he would wait to reach 500,000 signatures before the new mobilization, but now in light of the new developments on the health of the imprisoned dissident, he has set the date for Wednesday. This is not a random date: a speech to Putin’s nation is scheduled for next Wednesday.

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