Amanda Todd: 'fragments' of data would not be enough to identify Aydin Coban

Amanda Todd: “Fragments of data would not be enough to identify Aydin Coban

Amanda Todd committed suicide in October 2012, after posting a video on YouTube saying she had been blackmailed by an online predator.

“Fragments” of data cases cited by police do not link Dutchman Aydin Coban to the harassment and extortion suffered by teenager Amanda Todd, a defense lawyer has said.

Joseph Saulnier, who represents Aydin Coban, began his closing argument on Tuesday afternoon by telling jurors in the Supreme Court of British Columbia that they should only convict his client if they are convinced of his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

There is limited information you can glean from a data fragment, especially in the deleted space , Saulnier told the jury. He pointed out that several pieces of evidence showed that these fragments or files originated elsewhere.

Aydin Coban has pleaded not guilty to extortion, harassment, communicating with a young person to commit a sexual offense and possession of child pornography.

The prosecutor of Crown Louise Kenworthy had completed her closing argument earlier today, saying there was a treasure trove of information linking Mr Coban to the harassment and extortion suffered by young Amanda Todd.

The main issue in the trial, Me Saulnier told the jury, is that the identity of the person behind the messages and the extortion cannot be proven beyond a doubt. reasonable.

Mr. Coban's defense presented no evidence during the trial.

Even if you find that Mr. Coban is probably guilty, that's not enough. It's not beyond a reasonable doubt, Mr. Saulnier argued.

There was ample evidence during the trial that Mr. Coban repaired computers and replaced hard drives, some of which he received in the mail, his attorney said.

I'm sure that may explain some of the devices in his possession, he said. If he's the IT guy working and fixing these devices, there's a correlation; they are in his bungalow.

He cautioned the jury against the Crown's use of the term sextortionist, calling it a plea.

In the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Amanda Todd's mother, Carol Todd, testified in June, on the first day of Aydin Coban's trial.

At the start of the trial two months ago, the Crown told the jury that Amanda Todd had been the victim of a persistent campaign of online sextortion for three years, before her death at the United States. age 15, in October 2012.

I will not use that term, Saulnier said. Mr. Coban is not charged with sextortion.

Prosecutor Kenworthy said earlier Tuesday that while the evidence against Mr. Coban was circumstantial, two devices seized by police connect him to the Port Coquitlam teenager.

All roads lead to Mr. Coban, Kenworthy told the jury as she presented evidence found on the two devices which she said showed they were used by the Dutch man.

“He is the person who committed these offences. There is no other reasonable conclusion.

—Louise Kenworthy, Crown Attorney

A police officer testified at trial that he found evidence showing that several of the accounts used to extort Amanda Todd came from the two devices seized by Dutch police when Mr. Coban was arrested in January 2014.

Mr. Kenworthy told the jury that an employment letter and bank statements in Mr. Coban were also found on one of the devices.

Photos of the accused were seized during the arrest of Aydin Coban in 2014 in a bungalow in the Nederlands. These images are part of the evidence that was presented to the jury during the trial.

She also indicated that a Skype account linked to another pseudonym used to harass Ms. Todd was active on a device at Mr. Coban's home minutes before his arrest.

Facebook records show that the KelseyMeowz Skype account was managed by the same person who used the handle KelseyRain2, who had previously contacted Amanda Todd, she pointed out.

So what& #x27;does that mean? This means the KelseyMeowz user was on that computer at the time. What is this time [in the Dutch time zone]? It's 9:55 p.m. Mr. Coban was arrested alone at his residence at 10:00 p.m. Mr. Coban is KelseyMeowz. Mr. Coban is KelseyRain2.

Mr. Kenworthy told the jury that they don't need to accept all or even most of the deductions made by the Crown to be satisfied that Mr. Coban was the person who committed these offences. According to her, the case is clear.

With information from La Presse canadienne

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