Amber Alert: Suspect and mother may have illegally crossed US border

Amber Alert: suspect and mother may have crossed US border illegally

Benjamin Martin Moore was arrested last Tuesday in South Dakota.

Benjamin Martin Moore, the main suspect in the disappearance of two young children who led to the activation of the Amber Alert in Saskatchewan earlier this week, is said to have entered the United States illegally with them and their mother.

According to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), they crossed the US border through Montana, through a barbed wire fence near the Turner border crossing.

The agency did not provide details regarding the time or date of the border crossing.

In a news release, U.S. Customs and Border Protection says officers at the Border Patrol Station in Havre, Montana have located a piece of fence cut during their patrols.

Benjamin Martin Moore was apprehended with the help and cooperation of multiple agencies and is currently in custody pending prosecution, CBP says.

RCMP says US authorities found the suspect, mother and children at the Glencoe Camp Resort in the town of Sturgis, Saskatchewan, more than 930 kilometers from their home in Eastend, Saskatchewan.

According to Meade County Sheriff Ron Merwin, they went to the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where more than a hundred people were there. Many of the attendees were staying at area campgrounds.

We all started checking out where people were staying and campgrounds, and were lucky enough to find one of the campgrounds where they were staying.

Benjamin Martin Moore had identified himself as a security guard at the resort. The children's presence at the site aroused suspicion, annual rally participant Brian Lester told The Canadian Press from Sioux Falls.

I was shocked that x27;a parent might think there's no harm in bringing a child to the rally, especially at this campground, he says.

The two children at the center of the Amber Alert launched Monday in Saskatchewan are still safe in the United States, according to authorities in South Dakota.

As for their mother and Benjamin Martin Moore, they are still in custody in the United States. They were arrested in South Dakota.

The RCMP says they are working with US authorities to coordinate the suspect's return to Canada, but no date has been confirmed.

No additional charges have been laid, but investigation continues, RCMP say, adding mother has not been charged in Canada .

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