AMX-10 RC wheeled tanks are already in Ukraine, some of them even arrived on the front line

The first batch of AMX-10RC wheeled tanks promised by France in early January has arrived in Ukraine. French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu announced this on March 15, Le Figaro reports.

«Some have already left for the front lines», — he said, without naming the number of vehicles delivered.

It is noted that the shipment was supposed to take place two months after the announcement. During this time it was necessary to prepare the crews.

«I am considering the possibility of holding a second wave of sessions. I am preparing a series of decisions for French President Emmanuel Macron»,— Lecornu added.

The AMX-10RC is a French heavy armored car, often also classified as a wheeled tank.

It is known that the AMX-10RC was mass-produced from 1976 to 1994, a total of 457 armored vehicles of this type were produced. 337 of them entered service with the French army, another 120 vehicles were exported to Morocco and Qatar.

The tank is equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension, the driver can change the ground clearance from 210 mm to 600 mm. The driver of the AMX-10RC is at the front of the hull, behind him is a triple turret, the engine compartment is at the stern. The commander, gunner and loading radio operator are located in the tower.

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