an earthquake in Rai – Libero Quotidiano

an earthquake in Rai – Libero Quotidiano

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An unfortunate case, the one that came down on Dancing with the Stars, the Rai 1 program conducted by Milly Carlucci. This is the repost made on the official twitter profile of the broadcast, where a terrifying twittering of unimaginable vulgarity was relaunched. For the record, the tweet read as follows: “Do you know what I miss about my job? Sucking my boss’s dick in the toilets it was something I loved. To death”.

A nightmare message, in short, which according to Rai was due to a hacking. That tweet “is the result of unauthorized access”, they said from Viale Mazzini. Although the version leaves some doubts: is it possible that the hacker limited himself to making a single repost? Usually, in these cases, a sort of “bombing” starts, or the profile in the viewfinder is suspended.

Certainly, the case infuriated Milly Carlucci, who spent very heavy words on what happened: “It is a very serious and intolerable fact. I will follow the developments to the end”. And again, the presenter added to the dose: “I was told that a vulgar and bad taste message was retweeted from the account of Dancing with the Stars. I immediately notified my contacts in the Company who had already done so. to have the retweet deleted and are proceeding with the investigation of the case “, he concluded. In short, hunting for those responsible: what really happened? Who is behind it?

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