Analysts don't understand why Russia is wasting precious Kinzhal missiles

During another missile attack on Ukraine, Russia fired six hypersonic «Kinzhal» missiles at once. Analysts don't understand why the Russian Federation is wasting such precious missiles, writes the Financial Times.

Justin Bronk, a researcher at the Royal United Services Institute, notes that «Dagger» is a rare missile designed to deal with the most advanced air defense systems.

A source in the Ukrainian military intelligence said that before the start of a full-scale invasion, Russia had about 50 «Daggers». Before yesterday's shelling, about 15 were used. Bronk also believes that the number of such missiles in Russia does not exceed a few dozen.

Analysts have three possible versions of why the Russian Federation is spending these missiles. It is assumed that Russia wanted to overcome the protection of a specific target, although ballistic missiles & # 171; Iskander M & # 187; it's not easy to stop. It is also possible that the reserves of the «Iskanders» Russia is also running low.

At the same time, analysts note that Russia has been strangely matching weapons to targets throughout the war, which may be due to a too centralized decision-making process.

  • According to the GUR, the Russian Federation used missiles manufactured in a month for a night strike on Ukraine on March 9.

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