Andryushchenko: A new Gauleiter has been appointed in Mariupol

Andryushchenko: A new Gauleiter has been appointed in Mariupol

Russian invaders appointed the former mayor of Irkutsk Dmitry Berdnikov as the first deputy head of the occupation administration of Mariupol. This was reported by the adviser to the legitimate mayor of the city, Pyotr Andryushchenko.

«The reason voiced in Ivashchenko's eyes is a complete failure of preparations for the winter period and too large a scale of embezzlement», Andryushchenko said.

He expects most mid-level collaborators to start laying off Monday.

«The new owner of Mariupol, Berdnikov, arrives with his people at almost everything positions, and even with his personal protection. For now, Ivashchenko will retain the function of «speaking» head, but he has already been removed from all processes in the city, including the theft of scrap metal. Ivashchenko's henchmen are even more shocked,” Andryushchenko emphasized.

Berdnikov was the mayor of Irkutsk in 2015-2020, after which he was appointed first deputy head of the government of Yakutia.

< p>Edition «Siberia.Realities» writes that for Berdnikov this is a significant demotion. According to the Yakut chairman Aisen Nikolaev, this change in position was at the request of the Moscow authorities.

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