Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, mother “like the others”: “It’s hard sometimes …”

Married to Philippe Coelho, architect, and mother of Arthur (16) and Vasco (7), Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is overwhelmed. But sometimes, her professional life takes over and she lacks time … Confidences of the journalist and host of “vous”.
Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine presents C à vous ( France 5 ) and 6 à la maison ( France 2 ) on a daily basis, her two programs. But when she leaves the studios and comes home, the 50-year-old host takes on another role, that of mom. With our colleagues from Télé 7 Jours magazine , which elected her Woman of the Year , she talks about her relationship with her sons Arthur (16 years old) and Vasco (7 years old) .

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The journalist is ” like all women and like all mothers “. And before a busy working day, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine takes care to spend a privileged moment with her youngest child, born of her love affair with architect Philippe Coelho. ” Every morning, we play a game, the two of us, in bed. It’s our moment. It’s hard, sometimes, but I know I’m not the only one “, confides the pretty blonde, who confesses to the passage also know the ” mental load “.

During the first confinement, in March, Patrick Cohen’s sidekick on the air had to reorganize his daily life. But she quickly found her balance, thanks in particular to Halima, “Vasco’s nanny”. ” Every day, I pay her the taxi and provide her with masks and gel. I refuse to allow her to take any risk. Without her, I cannot continue to work, ” she explains. What about Dad ? He managed the lessons of the young Vasco ” thanks to Zoom ” while the elder Arthur went to confine himself with the brother of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, in the countryside.

But throughout the year, Philippe Coelho takes care of the children … while C à Vous turns. ” He is an architect, also works quite a bit. And often, after dinner, we both go back to work. Studious evenings! “, She told our colleagues from Paris Match . It must be said that it works! The couple got married in 2012 … Already eight years of love!

The interview with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine can be found in full in the Télé 7 Jours magazine , currently on newsstands.

Meet from Monday to Friday on France 5 from 7 p.m. in C à vous , then at 10:45 p.m. on France 2 for 6 at home .

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