Anti-sanitary restrictions campaigner James Topp will face court martial

Anti-sanitary restrictions activist James Topp will face court-martial

James Topp upon his arrival in Ottawa last week

Canadian Armed Forces Reservist James Topp, who opposed COVID-19 health restrictions and vaccinations mandatory, will face military justice.

His lawyer, Mr. Philip Millar, says that Mr. Todd was recently informed that he will be allowed to have his case heard in court. military rather than its chain of command.

According to Me Millar, this decision represents a second volte-face, after the army initially offered his client a court martial, before finally rescinding his offer, first, to defer the handling of his case to his unit commanders.

In February, James Topp was charged with two counts of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline for comments made while in uniform.

He then began a march across the country, departing from Vancouver and arriving in Ottawa on Canada Day. A march that was supported by many of the organizers of the truckers' demonstration that paralyzed downtown Ottawa earlier this year.

In front of some Conservative MPs who l hosted in the federal capital last week, Mr Topp explained that he had marched in part to obtain the repeal of all vaccination requirements and to demand the reinstatement of anyone who lost their job due to this requirement as well as compensation for lost wages.

According to military law experts, the decision to allow a court martial to rule on this case increases the potential penalties that could be taken against Mr. Topp if found guilty.

With information from La Presse canadienne

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