Antonovsky bridge in Kherson was hit after the visit of Aksenov and Kiriyenko. Eliminated propagandist

Antonovsky bridge in Kherson was hit after the visit of Aksenov and Kiriyenko. A propagandist was eliminated

In the evening of October 20, another blow was struck on the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson and on the crossing built near it by the Russian occupiers. This was reported by the local publication «Most«.

The blow was delivered on Thursday at about 23:00. There were at least six explosions. It is assumed that during the strike, Russian equipment and the military were moving along the crossing, which are now being actively transferred to the left-bank part of the Kherson region. In turn, the occupiers hastened to declare that the strike was allegedly delivered at the time of the crossing of civilians on the left bank. However, the strike on the bridge and the ferry, according to reports, took place during the curfew. That is, civilians at that time could not be near the crossing.

Journalist Denis Kazansky reported that as a result of the strike, Oleg Klokov, a former propaganda employee of Channel One and RT, who helped the occupation administration to create a propaganda channel in Kherson, was liquidated.

It should be noted that on October 19 Antonovsky bridge and the crossing were examined by the so-called «head» annexed Crimea Sergey Aksyonov and Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Russia Sergey Kiriyenko. Eyewitnesses claim that during October 19 and 20, trucks were moving along the crossing under the protection of the military. Probably, the loot was taken out.

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