Archive | In 2002, a first in Quebec for gay marriage

Archives | In 2002, a first in Quebec for gay marriage

Civil union ceremony between Theo Wouters and Roger Thibault at the Montreal courthouse, July 18, 2002

July 18, 2002, a first homosexual civil union is celebrated at the Montreal courthouse. The couple formed by Theo Wouters and Roger Thibault make history. This is a first not only in Quebec, but also in Canada and North America.

The adoption of Law 84 on civil unions by the National Assembly in June paved the way for this alliance between same-sex spouses. The couple, who had been calling for this law for a long time, wanted the nuptials to be public and invited the media.

Journalist Jean Sawyer takes part in the big celebration in the gay village of Montreal . On the Montreal news bulletin ce evening, he reported on the ceremony.

Report by Jean Sawyer on the first civil union of a homosexual couple on the Montreal newscast this evening of July 18, 2002

It is in a festive atmosphere and under the eye of the cameras that Theo Wouters and Roger Thibault formalize their union. The two men, together for about 30 years, had made headlines the year before because they were harassed by neighbors.

A sign that the fight is not over. not finished: Ontarians Michael Leshner and Michael Stark, who wanted to get married on the same day, received a dismissal from the City of Toronto.

Civil union law is unique in Quebec and pioneering for gay rights. It allows gay couples to obtain almost the same rights as married couples: division of assets, inheritance, and retirement and annuity plans.

As for recognition of the right to marry, a federal jurisdiction, the battle will have to continue. On June 28, 2005, Canada finally became the third country to legalize same-sex marriage.

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