Areline Martínez, 20: influencer shot in the head while filming TikTok video

Areline Martínez was reportedly accidentally killed while filming a fake kidnapping for a TikTok video. This 20-year-old Mexican influencer was the mother of a baby boy. A local police investigation is currently underway.
Drama in Mexico. Areline Martínez , a 20-year-old influencer, was accidentally killed in a fake kidnapping, shot for a video intended to be posted on the TikTok app , as Mexican media reportedSIPSE . The young woman was shooting this video with several people when one of the fake kidnappers shot her in the head. The facts date back to October 2, 2020, in Chihuahua, Mexico. Local police have launched an investigation to determine the exact circumstances of the tragedy.

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On TikTok, Areline Martínez used to film dance videos or humorous clips. Before her death, she had published several sequences of this false kidnapping. Today, all of these videos have been deleted, but the Internet has not forgotten anything: the sequences have resurfaced on Reddit.

The attorney general in charge of the case, César Augusto Peniche Espejel explained that the person responsible for the shot was probably unaware that his weapon was loaded. ” If anyone has criminal responsibility, we will have the answer. There are several points that should not be overlooked: the unlucky death of a young woman, the origin of this weapon and how they managed to obtain it. ” , he explained, in comments reported by the Mexican siteProceso .

Two of the men who appear alongside Areline Martínez left the shoot in a Jeep Cherokee. They have since been identified by the authorities, who are still looking for the culprit.

Areline Martínez was also the mother of a one year old boy. The funeral of the influencer and her funeral were held on Monday, December 14, 2020. Since then, tributes from all over the world have flourished on Tiktok and other networks.

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